Meeting Hermes-Thoth-Mercury

After a five-month process of feeling called by and bonding with the Morrigan, I felt my first encounter with a new deity as I ordered the Thoth Tarot deck and Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot by Lon Milo DuQuette. Meditating on a few of the cards, beginning with the Magician and Lust (Strength) was an overpowering and sensual experience.

About the time the deck and book arrived, on YouTube, I came across Lon Milo DuQuette’s introduction to Rosicrucian alchemy and the Thoth tarot. The intense experiences came before, during, and after the full moon around May 7, 2020.

Learning that Hermes is a friend of humans, trickster of the gods, messenger and magician, and carrier of the caduceus–among many other energies–I asked the Morrigan for three cards telling of my fellowship or relationship with Hermes-Thoth-Mercury. I received the Devil, the King of Cups, and Death. The cards speak to me of the lower chakras and dark, primal, creative force–sensual strength as divine longing or lust, of the maturity and spiritual authority to manage the experiences, and of an initiation through the Nigredo or black stage of dissolution in the alchemical process.

I asked Hermes for three cards depicting my relationship or fellowship with the Morrigan and received three court cards, highlighting the personification of deity: King of Disks, Princess of Cups, and Queen of Cups. He did not seem to object to bringing a message.

The Knight of Disks takes the place of the King in the Thoth system and is active earth or fire incarnate. The horse seems more interested in the crops than other kinds of quests or battles, and the sun and energy here is being drawn into the ground. This expression shows how I feel in the presence of the Morrigan, as though she is calling me to live out my spiritual expansion in the real world, to communicate what is in my heart, to practice and come before her daily. The Knight/King faces two court cards of the utmost feminine kind–reflecting the powerful divine feminine influence on the man.

The Princess of Cups in this system is earth of water or incarnate fluidity. The dolphin may be a physical form of Venus, and the turtle in its shell is a creature that lives in mud, a liminal mixture of earth and water. The flowing dress of the Princess is adorned with ice crystals, another solid form of water. The flight of the bird and lotus flower may likewise show the manifest energy of heart, the joy of grasping the divine feminine in this sprouting springtime of fulfillment.

At first I was perplexed by the appearance of the Queen of Cups–water of water–doubling and tripling down on the feminine aspects in the spread. Doesn’t the Morrigan contain air and fire power, the battle queen with a sword and the wise crone who carries crows?  Yet she also appears as a goddess of sovereignty, marrying the King to the land–not so much a love goddess as a divine partner. In my case, the land may not be literal real estate so much as a cause, hope, or “promised land” of milk and honey for all faiths.  She is also a prophetess, sorceress, poetess, and shape-shifting goddess–so the Queen of Cups as an almost personal High Priestess may be pertinent to the question. Water of water is like mirror of mirror, so the image is reflective, liminal, shape shifting.

In another spread from the Thoth tarot, in which I inquired about my experiences, I received the 5 of Cups, Lust, and the Ace of Cups. The 5 empty cups suggest the letting go of instant gratification for inner power and the flow of the grail. An online search turned up some words from “water represents the heart’s love by the water ‘surging into eternity’. The cup is an affectionately open image rising from the white lotus, which looks like a fountain of the abyss and a cup of water filled with the water of life from within.

“In the opposite direction, the rays that are shining straight down from above symbolize the spirit of creativity when it passes through the ‘source of love’ and then binds to emerging water balls to create energy forward (background), rooted in collective unconsciousness and represents the desire for love to dedicate and to be in harmony with God.”

In meditation, I think I heard the words, “I am you.”

Published by Alan Wheeler

I am an English teacher, performing magician, and mystic.

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