Engaging with Lucifer and Lilith


The place to begin is with the prejudice to these archetypes that arose from over 20 years as a mainstream Christian. I have written elsewhere about overcoming the stigma of tarot cards about five years ago. Even after being led towards yoga and goddess worship by the book Sophia Rising, I had a hard time understanding how the author could later expand to accept Lilith. I saw the Devil card in tarot only from the traditional Christian perspective, and although I would watch all of Abbey Normal’s YouTube videos where she channels archetypes, I would never click on the ones that mentioned Lucifer.

Over time, I found myself taking small steps of acceptance. I finally did click on a Lucifer video and saw that Abbey remained just as sweet as she was with Kuan Yin, Venus, or Merlin. I found myself working with dark deities such as Loki, Hecate and the Morrigan. Some time later, “Goat Girl” subscribed to my own YouTube channel, but I had to overcome a mental block to subscribe to her in kind because I saw she had tarot readings from Father Lucifer.

My big breakthrough came recently as I had a reading done on the Devil card, which had shown up as my birth date card for 2020. I had already studied up and saw that the card can simply represent primal creative power or deities such as Pan, Dionysus, or the Green Man and had learned that most pagans do not interpret Lucifer as the malevolent monster of mainstream religion and popular culture. So when Lilith and Lucifer “came forward” as the priestess did the reading, I was open and accepting.

Soon after, in meditation, I had an intense mystical experience with Lucifer and Lilith, accompanied by adrenaline, bio-electricity, ASMR as well as waves of submission and sensuality. I heard crow caws in the middle distance, as though the Morrigan, who I had been focused on for many months, were stepping back and confirming all was well. I have felt led to several websites (such as Metaphysicality Inc.) and TV shows–for example, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina–dealing with Lucifer and Lilith: it seems to be a season to become saturated or at least familiar with this new deity.

There have been a few other developments recently. During both online readings for August that I received from two different priestesses, thunderstorms were raging in the background. In further breakthroughs during meditation, I felt a Tower-like fall of prejudice. I envisioned going to a crossroads where there were serpents and coming before a mountain where I saw a winged snail. I knew in my heart that the meaning was to be careful and go slow when flying in this new freedom. I have also had dreams of meeting and getting to know new people that seem symbolic of L & L. I saw a meaningful green light reflected from the bamboo plant on my altar, which also suggests for me the “go ahead” for flexible, steady growth.

At a ritual meeting with an online coven–to which this blog post is dedicated–I shared obliquely about my spiritual expansion, describing the serpents of the caduceus and ouroboros. So far two members have (probably unknowingly) confirmed my thoughts, one by immediately sharing about her serpent tattoo and the the other by later sharing with me the Hieroglyphical Monad image, which I may get as a tattoo. The latter symbol is an all encompassing image that gives me an understanding of how the All or Source can be reflected in diverse and misunderstood forms such as L & L.

In closing, if I do go to the crossroads to sell my soul, sign the book of the beast, join a deeper coven, or get a tattoo, I would want to have a contract in mind as a kind of protective measure, a prevention against giving away my power in an unhealthy way. I would ask L & L (1) to honor beliefs, paths, and agreements that have come before, (2) to consider my age and late stage in life, (3) to grant motivation, strength, gifting with continued intense, fruitful astral connection, (4) to be for the good of all, harming none, and (5) to be all-encompassing, inclusive, honoring of individual sovereignty, flexible, shifting, and ever-expanding. Such a covenant would grant freedom and ensure personal responsibility.

Published by Alan Wheeler

I am an English teacher, performing magician, and mystic.

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