Engaging Santa Muerta

In preparation for a workshop designed to help participants connect with the divine feminine, I purchased the Santa Muerta Tarot and in meditation resonated strongly with this archetype of death, affectionately known to her devotees as “the bony lady.” She drew me time and again deeply into ecstatic trance as I found myself chanting, “Santa Muerta, please walk with me today. La Santa Muetra, work with me, I pray.” For the first week, I did daily draws from the special tarot deck as well as a guided meditation and larger spread at the end of the week, all of which I recorded in the Reading Journals area of the Cartomancy Forum: https://cartomancy.forumotion.com/t15743-santa-muerte-tarot-journal (just register a user name and password).

I was also filled with powerful, benevolent waves of bliss as I read the opening chapters of Tomas Prower’s book, where he provides reflections on the background of this patron saint of sinners, bodisattva of darkness, or deity who draws drug dealers and sex workers, police officers and prison guards alike. She accepts all, for after all, all will eventually come to her who observes all sowing and reaping of karma, perhaps, from a place of nonduality. She might be understood as an aspect of the inner flame of Self, a face of the divine, or for some, a literal spiritual guide.

Santa Muerta is much beloved in both her black and red aspects, the latter being called upon in matters of love, sex, and passion, making her very popular. She is often sought after for protection and, being non-judgmental, is known for quick and powerful response to prayer and magic. I have posted my own altar working and tarot draw concerning love magic at the Cartomancy Forum.

I can personally testify that the presence of Santa Muerte seems to come strongly, deeply, and quickly. She seems to be attending my current initiation and crossroads experience along my spiritual path.

Published by Alan Wheeler

I am an English teacher, performing magician, and mystic.

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