Grand Initiation to the LHP and Emptiness

The intention is to shift my identity to that of “No-Man” (see the separate post forthcoming for Week 1), to ascend on the LHP (Left Hand Path), and to commune with my Holy Daimon (Holy Guardian Angel). The shift is transgressive, dark, individual, and progressive in contrast to a more mainstream, light, collective, and traditional initiation.

  • Impulse to foundation/identity balanced with emptiness (river of Heraclitus)
  • Impulse to pre-defined purpose balanced with the never-ending ascent of evolution
  • Impulse to love, faith, hope, or bonds balanced with focus on Self and responsibility

Nine weeks of readings from the Atu descriptions in Crowley’s Book of Thoth and essays from Don Webb’s “Grand Initiation” in chapter three of Uncle Setnakt’s Essential Guide to LHP. Keep a Journal.

Set 1: Apostacy

Week 1: The Thoth Juggler and Priestess; Webb’s words on Chaos

Ritual: Put on favorite outfit of identity; remove, wash, and store for nine weeks. Sit sky clad.

Sigil suggestions: ouroboros, reversed pentagram         

Card reading: do an intuitive three card spread on your identity, its release, and other wisdom.

Week 2: The Thoth Hierophant and Lovers; Webb’s essay on Order

Ritual: burn phrases and/or symbols of old identity

Sigil suggestions: Baphomet, Samael, Lilith

Card reading: Intuitive five-card spread on false purposes, desires, relationships, goals, ideas.

Week 3: The Thoth Devil and Tower; Webb’s essay on Clarity

Ritual: break, destroy, or trash a symbol of false purpose.

Sigil suggestions: broken or reversed symbols of the mainstream mindset

Card reading: Two central cards and added clarifiers for needed transgression + destruction

Set 2: Transmutation

Week 4: The Thoth Wheel, Hanged Man, and Death; Webb’s essay on Life

Ritual: Cut apple slices from core and eat; save 7 seeds; hide core in nature to decompose.

Sigil suggestions: star of Babalon, wheel of the year or of Buddhism

Card reading: Daily draws and reflections on life changes. What am I becoming?

Week 5: The Thoth Hermit and Star; Webb essay on Creation

Ritual: create intuitive, runic, or A.O. Spare-style sigil on a dawning intention

Sigil suggestions: rune Gebo, railroad crossing and crossroads sign

Card reading: What are my primal desires? What is my true will?

Week 6: The Thoth Tarot Lust and Moon cards; Watch television shows or movie (Incubation)

Set 3: Apotheosis

Week 7: The Thoth Chariot and Art; Webb’s essay on Birth

Ritual: cast apple seeds into nature and release saved sigil (from weeks 4 and 5)

Sigil suggestions: 8 arrows of chaos magic, hieroglyphic monad

Card reading: What is my temporary anchor or foundation? How is it/is it not stable?

Week 8: The Thoth Sun and Aeon; Webb’s essay on Re-creation

Ritual: in/evocation of deity (Hecate? Santa Muerte? Lucifer and Lilith?)

Sigil suggestions: rune Dagaz, rising sun, butterfly, lemniscate

Card reading: How do I flow one day at a time? How is my ascent unending?

Week 9: The Thoth World and Fool; Webb’s essay on Victory; Review journal

Ritual: Black Mass (black candles, music, invocation, communion with Self)

Sigil: combination of runes Gebo and Dagaz plus triangle of mountain in circle

In this Grand Initiation, I fan the Black Flame, ascend the Black Mountain path, and invoke the Black Sun.

Published by Alan Wheeler

I am an English teacher, performing magician, and mystic.

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